Two Reasons People Visit me for Massage

In this blog, I tell you the two reasons people visit me for massage – it could also have been called the Benefits of Regular Massage!

lomilomi massage
lomilomi massage

#1 Reason  **Physical**

The main reason people visit me: Pain Relief

  • alleviates stiffness
  • increases flexibility 
  • lightens chronic pain 
  • lessons tension headaches
  • soothes arthritis
  • reduces fatigue, anxiety, and nausea
  • improves digestion
  • eases muscle soreness

Massage can relieve pain by stimulating the production of endorphins–the body’s own painkillers–and, by increasing the sensory input to the brain, thereby blocking out the pain messages.

#2 Reason **Mental/Emotional**

The second reason people visit me: Relief from Daily Stressors

  • increases stamina and energy
  • fosters relaxation
  • contributes to restful sleep 
  • promotes deeper and more natural breathing patterns,
  • boosts the immune function
  • enhances concentration
  • assists recovery from many serious illnesses
  • improves complexion
  • better posture

The calming effects of massage on the nervous system often produce a sense of serenity and well-being. Simultaneously delivering an inexpressible quality of stillness, joy and a relaxed disposition on life.

By encouraging blood flow through the veins, massage positively affects the body’s circulatory, nervous, and immune systems, thus benefiting the entire body. Just like tuning up your car or giving it an oil change, massage helps the body run smoothly.

I am Proof of the Benefits of Regular Massage

In 2008 I repeated Levels 1-4 of Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology in Washington State with Dr. Wayne Topping. By the end of the eight days of balancing, I became so clear and balanced that I made one big decision I had been struggling with for years. Upon returning home, I walked out of 25 yrs. of miserable marriage and began a new life.

It took every thing I had out of me. I got very sick with pneumonia and spent a month in bed. That left me very weak and I began hurting myself with simple movements. It seemed like that for a whole year one problem after another just keep happening. I had migraines weekly, ear infections, etc. I decided I needed to take big action to support my wellness.

I started getting a massage seeing a personal trainer weekly, I also added in acupuncture, chiropractors, even facials.

Now 5 years later. I feel better than I have in years. My migraine headaches have disappeared. I’m stronger, healthier and happier. People say, “Your just glowing.” “You get younger every time I see you.” “Your looking good.”

I love my weekly massage. I always discover something about myself. Like last week I felt the back of my left leg so very tight and sore. It helps me figure out what I’m doing to cause it before it becomes a problem.

From reducing pain to improving concentration – the benefits of regular massage therapy run the gamut.

That concludes the two main reasons why people come to me for massage.

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