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Meridian Massage

meridian massageWhen stress affects us and overloads our circuits, our system needs to be reset. In order to reinstate the correct energy flow, we trace “or run” the meridians in their specific direction and order.

When we run the 12 traditional Chinese acupuncture meridians along with the two major paths, (Central and Governing) continuously in a dancelike manner, we call it “A Meridian Massage”.

Touch for Health (TFH) Kinesiology approach to health draws from various holistic traditions, particularly the energetic model of traditional Chinese medicine/acupuncture. Which says that we have major pathways of life force (chi) called Meridians that form a continuous flow pattern throughout our bodies feeding energy to organs and muscles. They allow harmonious function and communication between all parts of the body.

The idea is that there is a life force that, when in balance and flowing, naturally supports wellness. In this model, discomfort, pain and disease are seen as symptoms of blockage in the life force of the person.

The Importance of Your Energetic System


We were taught about the muscles, skeletal, nervous, endocrine and reproductive systems however, we were not taught about our energetic system! People just now are becoming aware of the importance of the energetic system as it relates to health and wellness.

The system of Touch for Health recognizes the correlation between the muscles and the meridians. When the energy pathway gets blocked, it affects muscle strength. In TFH, we trace the meridians to clear out the energy blocks to restore muscle strength. (Imagine cleaning the leaves out of a gutter so the water/energy can flow freely.) When this flow is unrestricted, all bodily functions become optimized.

I invite you to reduce or resolve pain, & wake up your brain by massaging your meridians along with me now.

Please leave a comment or any questions in the box below – how did you feel after massaging your meridians?

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