Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology

for you, your family, or your clients

Hands-on workshops for maintaining, regaining and improving health

Level I & II

30 CEU‘s  ** Massage Therapists, Certified Athletic Trainers, Acupuncturists and Nurses

Kealakekua, Big Island of Hawai’i

    Dates: August 8, 9, 10 & 11

    9:30am – 3;30pm

    Cost: $600.00

    1. Effectively Release Emotional Stress
    2. Accelerate Recovery From Illness and Injury
    3. Relieve Headaches, Backaches, Muscle Cramps, and Chronic pain
    4. Experience the power! A Holistic Approach that Allows the Body to Heal Itself.

      Touch for Health® is a proven, easily learned system of muscle testing and energy balancing incorporating principles of Chinese medicine, massage, and energy work.  One of the Fastest Growing Wellness Systems Available Today.  A Remarkable Synthesis of Ancient Chinese and Recent Western discoveries.

      Level 1:

      Participants receive training in accurate muscle testing as a biofeedback technique.  Learn to test and balance 14 pairs of major postural muscles that correlate with the 14 major Chinese meridians.  Simple, effective techniques such as massage points, holding points, meridian massage can then be applied to reduce or eliminate pain and balance the body’s energies thus improving health and vitality.

      • 14 Muscle Tests

      • 14 Major Energy Meridians

      • How to do Food Sensitivity Testing, level 1

      • Show Immediately which Foods Improve a Person’s Well-being

      • Five+ Reflex Systems for Balancing Posture, Energy & more

      • Effectively Release Emotional Stress

      Muscle Testing with Swami Om

      Level 2: Prerequisites: Touch for Health 1

      We’ll learn to use the Meridian Wheel and the Law of Five Elements Theory Assess Energy Patterns in the 24-hour wheel & Five Element Cycles and Find a Single Key-point to Balance the Energy System

      • 14 additional muscle tests

      • alarm points to identify over energy

      • circuit locating

      • time of day balance

      • golgi tendon and spindle cell correction procedure

      • cerebrospinal technique

      • identifying biocidic food

      • emotional stress release for future events

      • acupressure holding points

      Level 3: Prerequisites: Touch for Health 1 & 2

      Level 4: Prerequisites: Touch for Health 1, 2 & 3

      Five Element emotions, Five Element sound balance, acupressure holding point theory, luo points, time of day balance, Tibetan figure eight energy, neurolymphatic release, postural stress release, postural analysis, 42 muscles head to toe standing tests, 42 muscles head to toe prone and supine, review of TFH I-III.

      (Fee includes TFH I Manual and Certificate)

       Space is limited for personal attention. Full refund if canceling 20 days prior minus a $25 non-refundable deposit.  Less than 20 days prior, it will be applied towards another class.

      Text: 808-323-3344

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