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3 Tips to Get Relief From Toxic Overload Headaches

The latest research implies that “Toxic Overload” is the major cause of headaches. Toxicity comes from rancid or fatty foods, alcohol and from toxic fumes. It can be quite painful when the body is actively engaged in eliminating toxins.


If you’ve ever drank too much alcohol, you’d know what it’s like to have a toxic overload headache.

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Meridian Massage

meridian massageWhen stress affects us and overloads our circuits, our system needs to be reset. In order to reinstate the correct energy flow, we trace “or run” the meridians in their specific direction and order.

When we run the 12 traditional Chinese acupuncture meridians along with the two major paths, (Central and Governing) continuously in a dancelike manner, we call it “A Meridian Massage”.

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