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Author: Swami Om

How the Body Reacts to Stress

When your command center for emotions, and behavior in your brain (the amygdala) recognizes a threat:

It then sends a message to the hypothalamus, that releases a hormone that tells the pituitary gland to release a hormone, that tells the adrenal glands to produce a hormone called cortisol. Wow!

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Pain Relief Tips

Got Pain?


Have you ever felt pain?

Underlying every pain exists inflammation. Whether it’s a toothache, a twisted ankle, or merely an achy feeling.

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3 Tips to Get Relief From Toxic Overload Headaches

The latest research implies that “Toxic Overload” is the major cause of headaches. Toxicity comes from rancid or fatty foods, alcohol and from toxic fumes. It can be quite painful when the body is actively engaged in eliminating toxins.


If you’ve ever drank too much alcohol, you’d know what it’s like to have a toxic overload headache.

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2 Simple Steps For Fast Tension-Type Headache Relief

An enormous amount of information about different types of headaches exist – this blog gives you 2 simple steps for fast headache relief. We have 2 categories: Primary (first) and Secondary (a headache that is caused by or secondary to an underlying disease or medical condition).

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The Auricular Exercise/ Ear massage

The Auricular Exercise/Ear massage

also known as:

auricular or ear acupressure

Your ear lobes are energetically linked to your brain.  When you massage the right ear lobe it stimulates the left brain and pituitary gland.  When you massage the left ear lobe, it stimulates the right brain and pineal gland, giving you a whole brain experience.

The ear contains more than two hundred pressure points that influence different areas of the body and the psyche.

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