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3 Tips to Get Relief From Toxic Overload Headaches

The latest research implies that “Toxic Overload” is the major cause of headaches. Toxicity comes from rancid or fatty foods, alcohol and from toxic fumes. It can be quite painful when the body is actively engaged in eliminating toxins.


If you’ve ever drank too much alcohol, you’d know what it’s like to have a toxic overload headache.

Here are 3 tips for headache relief from toxic overload:

1. Hydrate well

We need adequate room temperate water to flush out the toxins.

2. Hold forehead lightly

Gently place your hands on your forehead with your fingertips touching your natural hairline and hold lightly. Relax your shoulders and breathe slowly and deeply.

3. Massage

Firmly in little circles on the front right side between the 5th and 6th ribs (where a bra would be); from the nipple to the sternum. And on your back about one inch out from the spine, midway between the top and bottom of your wings.

If you can’t get someone to do it for you, try leaning on a corner a wall and undulate your body up and down.

You can also find more tips for fast tension type headache relief in my other blog here.

How do you feel now?

I’d love to hear what these 3 tips did for you and your toxic overload headaches.

Did you know that regular massage flushes out toxins?

And massage stimulates circulation and tunes-up our organs for more efficient detoxification. Best of all; massage soothes the central nervous system and our happy hormones get released.

Have you ever gotten massage on a regular bases? Simply once a month works wonders. For the last 7 years I’ve been getting a massage just about once a week. I feel much better. Plus, I can see my transformation in my portraits. I look healthier, which makes me look younger and prettier.

Give yourself the gift of regular massage and energy balancing.

Do you want to feel “mo’ betta”? Try giving yourself regular nurturing.

At Swami’s, we combine Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage with Touch for Health muscle and meridian balance for optimum results.




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