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2 Simple Steps For Fast Tension-Type Headache Relief

An enormous amount of information about different types of headaches exist – this blog gives you 2 simple steps for fast headache relief. We have 2 categories: Primary (first) and Secondary (a headache that is caused by or secondary to an underlying disease or medical condition).

headache relief

Primary headaches are the most common. Amongst all of them the most common form is the tension-type headache.

Today’s hot tips will focus on the tension-type

Step 1: Hydrate / Drink water*

*plain, pure and room temperate.

Eliminate ice cold drinks. Ever eat or drink something ice cold too fast and get a headaches? That’s called: Brain freeze (ice cream headaches).

Step 2: Stimulate Acupuncture Points

Now try stimulating these acupuncture points while breathing slow, deep and relaxing.

Start by rubbing about one inch out to each side of the spine, under base of skull (GB 20). Using 2 hands, you can hook your thumbs under there – that gets ‘em good.

Now with a finger of one hand rub above the lip, right smack in the groove (GV 26). And with the thumb of your other hand (works best for me) rub upwards in the middle of the groove under the base of the skull (GV16).

Besides headache relief, this is supposed to relax your brain from its racing thoughts, relieving mental stress and neck pain.

Additional points that are popular for headache relief

These next 2 points are also very popular for headache relief known as Large Intestine 4(the Great Eliminator) & Liver 3 (the Great Surge)

Reach one hand around the other so that your thumb ends up between the thumb and index finger (LI 4). Pressure is up & against the index finger. You’ll know if you have it, cause it hurts every one. Rub gently for 3 minutes, if you can.

Last but not least, rub between the big toe and next one. Slide your finger along the groove till it stops, the pressure is against the 2nd toe (LV3). Another way to get that point is to take the heel of one foot and use it.

Remember to keep up with the slow deep breathing all the while. And stay HYDRATED!!

I hope this offers you some relief. Even if you don’t have a headache, rubbing these acupuncture points will make your body a little more happy.

I’d love to hear your comments.  Did this work for you in providing fast headache relief?

headache relief