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What is Touch for Health (TFH) Energy Kinesiology?

“A system of balancing the body’s energy towards positive life’s goals.”

Touch for Health uses kinesiology (the science, art, and philosophy of muscle testing/ monitoring), a safe, simple method of assessing and addressing emotional, intellectual, intuitive and spiritual aspects of the whole person as well as the sensory, physical, structural, postural and chemical aspects present in the human experience.

The concept of the “Triangle of Health” sums up this philosophy. This paradigm presents humans as existing, in addition to spirit, in structural, chemical and mental/emotional dimensions.

Our bodies exist as both a physical and non-physical entity. We have an energetic “body” that directs the grosser manifestations of our physical body in its incredibly intricate workings. Do you agree?

How do you view your Body?

Although so-called primitive cultures around the world have been aware of this concept for thousands of years, our Western society has is some ways, become a victim of its own mechanistic scientific dogma by viewing the body in an almost totally anatomical and physiological way.

When the triangle is equilateral, the person exists in a state of optimal life-force and health.

For example: Continual emotional stress will affect the biochemistry, chiefly by way of the nervous and endocrine systems, which in turn unbalances the psychological state and impacts tension on the skeletal muscles and smooth muscles of the vital organs.

Managing the Non-Physical Energy

Many people have no medically diagnosed disease, yet they suffer at the “subclinical” level. Whether or not a person has a diagnosed condition is irrelevant, as kinesiology works toward balancing the Non-Physical energy and not in treating the categorized symptoms of medically diagnosed disease.

Perceiving the body as a multidimensional, holistic creation rather than as a complex machine makes Touch for Health truly a holistic approach to health.

Would you like to experience a holistic approach to health?  Please leave a comment or get in touch to find out more about Touch for Health at Swami’s Healing Arts.

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