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The History of Touch for Health

The Touch for Health methodology came from applied kinesiology techniques first developed by chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart.

Muscle testing (recently developed) fascinated him. He used it daily in his practice to determine damage done from injuries or strokes.

In 1964 he made a discovery that revolutionized health care and the treatment of disease.

He observed that some muscles that behaved or responded as if weak or partially paralyzed, often did not display a corresponding level of atrophy.

The Power of Touch for Health

He also noticed that massage methods and other simple techniques could turn the inhibited muscles on, which in turn allowed the extra tight muscles to relax-and thereby improve the functioning of the whole person.

And when the whole person functions in a harmonious manner, no matter what the complaint or what performance improvement was desired, everything seems to feel and work better.

This aroused his curiosity so much that he got together a group of chiropractors (12 to be exact) to study the science of muscle testing.

Using Massage Methods supports healing

One of twelve, (Dr. John Thie) found that by teaching the massage methods and the other simple techniques to his clients, they could support their healing at home.

He wanted to empower the people to be more aware of their bodies and their miraculous natural capacity to heal themselves.

When He suggested to that this should be made available to the general public, Dr. Goodheart told him that if he wanted to do that, then he should write a book.

Touch for Health Book

So the History of Touch for Health began with Dr. Goodheart’s challenge to John to follow up on his desire to share these safe, simple methods with families. The book came out in 1973.

Since then, the original Touch for Health book has been translated into at least 15 languages and taught in about 100 countries.

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