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Touch for Health Certification Course

Touch for Health

Energy Kinesiology Certification Course

Kealakekua, Hawaii

maintaining, regaining and improving health for you,
your family, your pets, or your clients

level 1Learn the tools to:

  • Effectively Release Emotional Stress
  • Increase energy, improved posture,
  • Accelerate Recovery From Illness and Injury
  • Enhance digestion and elimination
  • Achieve greater over all relaxation.
  • Relieve Headaches, Backaches, Muscle Cramps,  Acute/Chronic pain

Level 1 

  • Basic balancing techniques
  • 14 Muscle checks
  • 14 Basic Meridians

Level 2

  • 14 more muscle checks
  • The Law of Five Elements
  • Find a single key-point to balance the entire system

Level 3

  • 14 more muscle checks
  • The interaction of muscles is studied further.
  • techniques for dealing with chronic pain

Level 4

  • Review of TFH l-lll
  • All 42 muscles tests
  • Balance using emotions and sounds

This can be used as a stand alone healing modality or
as a diagnostic tool and a complementary/integrative treatment aid
for health practitioners, life coaches and others.

Nurses, Massage Therapists, and Certified Trainers
Can Earn 15 CEU’s for each of the 4  levels.

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